10 Thoughts Which Prevent Us to Be Happy

Daria Zaitseva

When we speak about hygiene, about clarification, usually we mean a body. Whether you thought that it is necessary to clean the consciousness? The matter is that the majority of us trifles with the opinions and beliefs underestimates their energy and force. Sad memoirs, pessimistic thoughts and negative emotions we make the life the miserable. We ignore caution: all we think of what we focus attention on becomes reality sooner or later. Therefore, the health of thoughts isn’t less important, than the health of a body. What statements prevent us from enjoying life, happiness, and success?

The World is Cruel and Unfair

Sufferings and complaints won’t make you happy. It is worth taking offense and be angry with yourself, but not with the world which isn’t neither kind, nor angry, nor merciful, nor cruel. Everything depends on the relation of the person to vital events.

I am Not a Lucky Guy

Good luck is the whimsical lady, but to each woman, it is possible to find the proper approach. To have an opportunity to appear in the right place in due time, to feel a situation, the corresponding spirit, energy, a mentality is necessary. And then the massive deal will unexpectedly turn up, or suddenly will present you what you dreamed a long time ago.

Nothing Depends on Me

If you avoid responsibility for the acts, for the life, then a case will operate your life. Perhaps, it will be easier for you to live, but you will never be satisfied and happy. Is such prospect pleasant? Then draw a life picture independently and enjoy this creativity.

I Have Many Shortcomings. I am Not Talented

There are no perfect people, but imperfection, defects of character don’t prevent much to reach success tops. Work on the shortcomings if they disturb you. And better rely on the strengths, develop the advantages. Everyone has talents; there is just no desire to find them and to realize.

It is Unreal. I Won’t be Able to Make it

What you trust in, you receive it. If you cease to believe in yourself, in good luck and other light things, they avoid you. There is a belief that is much more optimistical and more productive, “I don’t know yet how to make it, but by all means I can learn, I will do it, I will think up something”.

If I Could Had That…

We want to inspire in ourselves, what will be happier if we have a new house, other work, an abrupt car. In dreams and desire of the best, there is nothing bad, but it is necessary to understand that the feeling of happiness depends on internal representations, on your relation to life events. One is capable of rejoicing to a sunny day, the child’s smile, the interesting interlocutor, and another is dissatisfied that his villa is not so elegant and glamorous, as at the neighbor. Remember that there is a law of an eminence of requirements: the more you have, the more you want. And if you have chosen the vital strategy for yourself “the more, the better, the cooler”, then you will hardly be ever satisfied and happy.

The Dreams Can Wait While There is no Time and Conditions for Their Implementation

We often wait for a right moment for the realization of the purpose, but it doesn’t come. The longer we postpone, the more opportunities we miss. For example, you want a child, but still there is a wish to live for yourself, or you haven’t reached desirable career heights or haven’t bought the spacious apartment. And when everything already is (IF it happens!) the health is not as desired already, the forces are not as were earlier, and then new thought appears, “Do I need all these efforts and problems?”

The Neighbor’s Wife is Prettier, and the Grass is Greener

Envy is negative and not constructive feeling. Even if this is true, it is not your life. Besides, we see only “facade” of others life behind which not everything is as ideal as it may seem. So look after own wife, personal way and carry Your grass on the lawn.

Why Should I Strain and Fuss? Everything Suits Me

It is a deadlock way. The comfort zone, life on a habit, laziness are sucked in as a bog. Without learning, without trying new, without wishing to develop, expand a circle of opportunities, the person gradually degrades.

There is Nothing to Wait

Don’t live on the only reminiscence what pleasant they for you wouldn’t be. Be sure, you have so many pleasures and happiness ahead. There is a mass of examples when ordinary people aged “50” or “50+” become businesspeople, travelers, athletes, dancers, deriving a sheer pleasure from their life. Don’t you believe me? The destiny is your thoughts, beliefs, acts which weave a cloth of your life. Remember one wisdom, “Our affairs are our past, our words are our present, and our thoughts are our future.” So, turn on the music louder, and “shake it – shake it.” 🙂

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