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14 Amazing Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life A Lot Simple

Have you stopped yourself from learning anywhere anytime? I think no. Well, here you will learn some life tricks to save your precious time.
Life hack is basically a solution to a person’s daily problem in an unexpected way. It is a sort of making your life easier and comfortable. There is always an easier and faster way to get everyday things done.
There are life hacks for almost every situation, and this article is posted to share some of them. 

Tie Your Glasses With A Rubber Band

After this, rubber band will not allow to move avoiding any possibility of them breaking in the dishwasher.

Old Socks

Fill your old socks with cat litter to soak any humidity on your car windows.


Wow! Use a key instead of a coin to get a shopping cart.

Cool Down Laptop Battery

The easiest and cheapest way to cool down the battery of your laptop is by putting it above an egg tray.

Shoe As A Cup Holder

Make use of your shoe as a cup holder instead of installing one in the car.

Heating 2 Bowls In Oven

You can make use of a glass to put it under one bowl for maintain height. It is the best suitable way to heat two bowls simultaneously in a microwave.

Cook Dozen Of Eggs Altogether

You are just required to place them in the oven and let them cook for about 15 minutes at 180 degrees.

Cook 2 Pizzas

The smartest way to cook two pizzas at the same time is to fit them by dividing a single one into two pieces.

Old Socks

You can utilize a pair of socks to keep phones which in turn will absorb your sweat as a bonus.

Perfect Book Holder

Make use of a hanger to hook a cookbook while following a recipe.

Paperclip For Wearing Strapless Bra

It looks stunning by tucking your bra with paperclip for a strapless bra.

Plastic Bottles For Filling Bucket

Have you ever imagined to use a water bottle to fill up your bucket. Yes if your sink is hard to use, you can use water bottle without flooding the bathroom.

Tennis Balls

Tennis Balls, being user-friendly, can be used to keep stuff like pen or towel.

Ice Cold Beer

Wrap your beverage with wet paper and store it in the freezer for almost 15 minutes to make it ice cold.

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