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Mollywood boasts a number of acclaimed directors, musicians and actors. The Malayalam film industry has seen a sudden growth and everyone seems to love the refreshing change. This can be credited to a lot of open mindedness in the industry that offers opportunities not just to men, but also to several women to shine in fields, which are generally male dominant. Women in the film industry generally were actors and musicians. Scriptwriting and direction were strictly reserved for the men. In the past few years, perceptions have changed and there has been an entry of several brilliant scriptwriters and directors, owing to the change that Mollywood has seen. Being a woman, these people know exactly the plight of womanhood and use movies as their medium to express their passion and message.

These are a few women directors that have changed the perception of movies in past few years…

1. Anjali Menon

Anjali Menon is a writer cum director. She began her career as a screenwriter and a director for documentaries shot in the UK, Middle East and India. She directed two short films before she entered the field of directing feature films. She also wrote her own book, a collection of short stories called Monsoon Feast. She made her debut in 2009, with Kerala Café starring Mammooty and Dileep. However, she is well known for her films Ustad Hotel, for which she was the writer and Bangalore Days which were blockbuster hits.

2. Geetu Mohandas


Geetu was a five year old when she captured the hearts of her audience through the movie Onnu Mudhal Poojyam Vare, a Mohanlal starrer. She then acted in the remake of the Malayalam movie Ente Mamakuttiammakku titled En Bommukutti Ammavukku, where she played the title role. Having a stinst of cinema in her since childhood, she went on to pursue acting and directing and later on acted in Nala Dhamayanthi, produced by Kamal Hassan. She has acted in about 33 films; however she knew that her heart lied elsewhere. She got into direction, the field that she was most passionate about and directed two movies, one in Malayalam which was a short film and another in Hindi. The Hindi movie Liar’s Dice won the Special Jury award at the 18th Sofia International Film Festival and also received two National Film Awards.

3. Revathy S Varmha

After making her mark in the Kollywood industry through June R, Revathi made her debut through the Malayalam film Mad Dad. She has done over six feature films and about 480 commercials.she talks about how commercials are much difficult to direct in comparison to movies which she claims has ‘breathing space’. An ad however does not have that advantage as it is completely based on capturing the audience with the fraction of a second before they change the channel.

4. ‘Revathi’

After stealing all our hearts through her brilliant performances in movies like Punnagai Mannan and Mouna Raagam, this yesteryear actress has tried her hands at directing movies. She made her directorial debut through an Indian English film, Mitr My friend which won the English National Film Award for Best Feature Film in English. She also directed the Shilpa Shetty starrer, Phir Milenge. She also directed the English short film Red building where the sun sets.

5. Sreebala K Menon

After working as the assistant director for movies such as Innathe Chinthavishayam, Vinodayathra, Rasathanthram, and Narendran Makan Jayakanthan Vaka, Sreebala K Menon became the associate director for the movie Bhagyadhevata. She assisted Sathyan Anthikad in many movies that helped her enter the league of female directors in the Malayalam industry. She is currently by writing scripts to become an independent director.


Film News

Farhan Akhtar finally puts an end to the rumours about Don 3

New Delhi: The third instalment of 2006’s ‘Don’ starring Shah Rukh Khan, has been making rounds for the speculations on its star cast. The Farhan Akhtar‘s directorial was a remake of 1978’s ‘Don’, featuring Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role.

Several media reports stated that Farhan himself will act in the film and essay the role of a cop. However, earlier today, Farhan has put an end to the speculations.

The ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ actor tweeted, “Request those who conjure up news about #Don3 without any fact checking to please refrain”. Furthermore, he urged those people to not mislead the fans of the franchise and wrote, “It is not fair to raise expectations of the film’s fanbase via false news”.

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Film News

Weight Loss Transformations of 10 Bollywood Celebrities

Who doesn’t love a good weight loss story? And especially one that comes from a real celebrity! Maybe you are sick of watching your belly swell up day after day, and don’t know how to get back into shape again. Maybe you just need to know for sure that those outlandish diets do really work, and people lose weight pretty fast. Bollywood stars on this list have all faced the same issues in the past, and successfully overcame them.

1.Rani Mukherjee

Rani Mukherjee has been gaining some weight for her movies, but she’s managed to shed all that blubber for her role in Dil Bole Hadippa and even wore a nice bikini in that movie!


2.Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti once said in an interview that before becoming an actress, she was quite fat, not just husky. And look at her now! Sure, she’s not as hot as Priyanka, but hey, still got some of those genes.

3.Bhumi Pednekar

Daaaayum! She actually lost around 45kg thanks to some secret diet! Share it with the world, honey!

4.Zarine Khan

After that intense media debacle regarding her debut film Veer, where Zarine was smack talked by the critics, the actress kept working hard on her body and since then has shed 45kg. Went from 100 kg to 55 kg. Amazing!

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Film News

Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses In The World

10. Emilia Clarke

The gorgeous and beautiful Emilia Clarke is surely one of the prime entrants into this list. She is 28 years old now and is also one of the stars of The Game Of The Thrones series which is quite famous for its gory scenes. She is the mother of not just the Dragons in this series but also of John Connor in the latest movie Terminator Genisys. She was also awarded the title Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive.

9. Priyanka Chopra

She is a former Miss World and in the year 2015, she was voted as the Sexiest Asian Woman by Eastern Eye, a London based weekly. She has won to herself many awards in the Bollywood performance. In 2015, she started starring on the ABC drama Quantico as Alex Parrish. She is the first South Asian woman to lead an American network series.

8. Pixie Lott

Unlike most other woman co actresses in this list,Pixie Lott is a professional singer who sights Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston as major influences on her style of singing. The famous pop star has done a lot of superhit songs like Mamadou and Boys And Girls. Most of all albums have topped the charts and in FHM 100 sexiest women list she was voted number 45 in 2010 and number 7 in 2014.

7. Nana Im Jin –Ah

Best known by her stage name Nana, comes at wonderslist’s “Most Beautiful Women of 2017” at 6th place. She is a South Korean singer and actress, also worked for several Chines films and endorsement.

6. Pia Wurtzbach

She is Miss Universe 2015. She was once known as Pia Romero in her acting, model and beauty queen circles. She was crowned Miss World 2015 after she had won the Miss Universe Philippines of the same year.

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Farhan Akhtar finally puts an end to the rumours about Don 3

New Delhi: The third instalment of 2006’s ‘Don’ starring Shah Rukh Khan, has been making rounds for the speculations on its star...

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Weight Loss Transformations of 10 Bollywood Celebrities

Who doesn’t love a good weight loss story? And especially one that comes from a real celebrity! Maybe you are...

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