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8 Craziest PregnasncieThat Are Not For The Faint-Hearted

Being a mother is quite a tough yet rewarding job, but you haven’t seen anything yet until you witness these unusual pregnancies. As much as you want babies to be born normally under the best circumstances, these rare cases do exist.

Read on!

1. Emily Breeze Ross Watson wants to stay incredibly fit even when pregnant.

Aside from being part of a CrossFit team, she also attends a boot camp two times per week with Randy Moss from the NFL. She is about to have her baby, yet she still works out and does lifts again and again.

2. A dead woman gave birth to a baby.

Yes, a “zombie” baby was found inside this dead woman weeks after she passed away. Moreover, the father was missing because he was the one who killed the woman before committing suicide himself.

3. An eleven-year-old girl, Tressa Middleton already has a baby.

She got extremely drunk one night and when she woke up, she was already pregnant. Even after she gave birth to the child, she isn’t allowed to see the kid because she is assumed to be unable to support the baby.

4. This pregnant woman is addicted to meth.

Since women who are meth addicts are usually incredibly thin, it’s difficult for them to realize that they could be pregnant until it’s already too late to take care of their bodies.

5. Fake pregnancies are popular in China.

Since China has a massive population, having more than one children was strictly prohibited. However, that didn’t stop some women from having prosthetic baby bumps, which somehow became a fashionable trend.

6. A nine-year-old pregnant girl.

For some reason, this girl who was only in her sixth grade quickly ended up being a mother.

7. This young mother is anorexic, and that’s terrifying.

This woman was 5’7″ but weighed only 70 pounds. She could vomit and not eat anything, but the baby won’t just disappear easily.

8. The world’s smallest woman now has two healthy childre

Even in pregnancy, it seems that size doesn’t matter.

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