About Us

Ayyappan Sreekumar

B4blaze is a platform to showcase hidden talents. Our aim is to promote creative thoughts, Ideas online which are yet to be discovered and deserves recognition.

We have the experts who can direct your traits to new dimensions and project them to the appropriate Audience there by acting as a “Window to the world“.

If you have hidden creativity, let’s mold it together..
Welcome to the all new B4blaze.

Malayalam Version of b4blaze is available @ www.ml.b4blaze.in

Feeds and Gif available @ www.feed.b4blaze.in

Contact us : [email protected], Office: 0476-2696444, Mob: +91-09633177853.

Here We’re,

<b>Rajeev Rajan</b> <br />
Creative Writer<b>Ajeesh Vijayan</b> <br /> Chief Editor<b>Vishnu Sasidharan</b> <br /> 
Creative Writer<b>Jayasree Sadasivan</b> <br /> 
Chief Editor (Malayalam)<b>Unni Devarajan</b> <br /> 
Creative Writer<b>Surya Deva</b> <br />
Media Manager<b>Sujana</b> <br /> 
Youtube Management<b>Ayyappan Sreekumar</b> <br />
Founder/Director<b>Sooraj Surendran</b> <br />
Travelogue Writer
<b>Sindhuja</b> <br /> 
HR Manager<b>Shameen</b> <br />
Creative Writer<b>Shabana Nurudeen</b> <br />
Creative Writer<b>Rahul Kochu</b> <br />
Promotions Head<b>Aparna Unni</b> <br />
Creative Writer<b>MG Rajesh</b> <br />
Creative Writer<b>Sanjo Simon</b> <br /> 
Creative Write<b>
Sahil Ajaykumar</b> <br />
Creative Writer<b>Anu Mathew</b> <br />
Creative Writer<b>Rohit</b> <br />
Creative Writer<b>Priya Gopal</b> <br /> 
Promotions Manager<b>Praveen P Nair </b> <br />
Co-Founder<b>Prasanth Babu</b> <br />
Server Administrator<b>Paru Ramu</b> <br />
Viral Content Maker
<b>Neenu P Wilson</b> <br />
Journalist/Creative Writer<b>
Finn Geroge Varghese</b> <br />
Media Management/Editor<b>Bilal Muhammed</b> <br />
Events Manager<b>Dr Arya Pillai</b> <br /> 
Creative Wirter<b>Amrit Raj</b> <br />SEO Management<b>Divya Prabha</b> <br />
Creative Writer
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