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WATCH: These IIT Students Have Made The Perfect Spoof Of Matrimonial Ads

Three students from IIT have the perfect response to the demands society puts on finding the ‘right’ match for people looking to find a life partner.

In their video, Be Our Pondati, parodying singer Carly Rae Jepsen’s song, ‘Call Me Maybe’, final-year students Asmita Ghosh, Anukripa Elango and Krupa Varghese reenact a popular format of most Indian matrimonial ads — the kinds that require tall, thin, and light-skinned girls who make round chapatis.

[irp posts=”6862″ name=”My First Sex : Memories of a Machine” – Shailaja Padindala.”]Pondati means wife in Tamil. The video was originally made as an campus entry piece for a Sir Mix-A-Lot parody contest.

It has been gaining a lot of social love for its honest delivery of cultural stereotypes, and Varghese’s expressions (check out 0:32 (shoe size ten) and 2:16 (you will have no life) are brilliant.

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