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Itz time for you to make a decision about your career. A concrete plan about your future needs to be drawn at this juncture, which will in turn determine the course of your professional life.Many of them are confused, some are pushed, some are pulled to take different courses.Stiff competitions and numerous options leave students confused and discouraged.To weed out the thorns of confusion and to come up with flying roses ,you first need to need to analyze your interests, hobbies, inclination, potentiality and opportunities. It is often said that if you choose your career based on your interest and hobby, the success rate as well as satisfaction level will be very high. If you do what you love, you will never need to “work” a single day in your life.

Some Important aspects for choosing your carrer is, Area of Interest, Skills,Possibilities and opportunities,Feasibility and Guidence. Thinking out from current scenario and work, In upcoming years, majority of jobs will require some peoples with education and skilled training. So it will be better to go for specialized degree rather than basic degrees.

Some Important Courses are :

Management Stream: Jobs in management are highly sought after because they are rewarding and fulfilling in the long run. People who puts required effort are likely to see growth and success considerably sooner. That combined with recognition and a handsome salary make the management stream a hot career choice for young individuals across the country.

It mainly includes HR, Finance, Operations, Marketing, and information Systems. Students can specialize in any of these depends on their interests.

IT & Computer Streams : Charles sir’s machine have become an integral part of our lives. From schools to workplaces, they have claimed a dominent position, because of many useful functions. There are a lot of career options in this field ranging from data entry operator to software engineer, from web designing to web developing and so on. Those who are interested to learn about all these can choose Computer streams.

Engineering Stream: One who likes Maths, Science and Creativity can opt Engineering Stream.This is the most preferred carrer options after 12th. So if you have already decided to go for engineering, you need to have a good command over mathematics, physics and chemistry as these are the prerequisites to get into a good engineering college. Apart from that you need to secure 60% marks in 10+2 to get into the eliteIITs. Students need to qualify engineering entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced and other state level engineering exams to get admission into B.Tech, B.E, B.Arch courses which are offered by various noted engineering colleges.

Medical Stream: Thinking about a noble Profession , a lot of students aspire to become a docter. So, if you have decided to get into a medical college you need to appear for an entrance exam conducted by several regulatory bodies including CBSE. Starting in 2013, the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Under Graduate courses (NEET-UG) will be conducted at an all India level aims to relieve the need of students to appear in multiple tests and promote merit in admission process. NEET UG will allow class XII students to sit in a single entrance examination to get admission to the MBBS course in almost all medical colleges in India, including private medical colleges.

Some noted Medical Colleges will conduct separate Medical Entrance exams for their admissions.

Before jumping , think whats your aim, your wish, then discuss with your parents , and choose a good Course.

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