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Far Cry 5 – RPG evolved to meet country feel



Welcome to the realtime edition of PC and other platform games.Dust off your CPUs and RAM grains.Electrify the SMPS because we are about to venture into our top list of games you don’t want to miss.The list is as of updated on May 3rd.Our genres run wide from RPGs,Open World,Shooters,Fantasy and so on.Be free to comment and state your doubts.I will be providing download links to those with less bandwidth.



far cry 5

Far Cry is a third person open world role-playing franchise with an  award-winning story-line(Although Primal edition suffered some negative ratings).

The latest edition brings our hero “Rookie” through a helicopter descending on Hope Country, Montana, land of the free society who blends their life with nature and technology through harmonious union.Also home to a fanatical doomsday-prophesying cult named Eden’s Gate.Walk the resistance protesting cult leader Joseph Seed and his destructive sibling trio,the Heralds.Liberate the community from the siege of forced allegience.Reel under the mysteries and unexpected thrilling turns in the storyline.

The new installment removed the option of crafting pouches, boring climbs on top of towers to enable map locations and wayward side-stories.The protagonist is helped by a co-op whenever he feels like “one cannot do it alone”-when bullets fly into Rookie’s body from literally every nook and cornerstone.

Minimum Requirements

  • 2GB Graphics card preferably AMD(Highest priority)
  • 4GB RAM DDR3
  • Direct X 10,11
  • Windows 10(some Windows 7 users suffer game not running issues)
  • i5 5th gen processor

The weapons are more challenging to handle and only skill survives the hard difficulty mode.The most compressed version of the game was developed by Fitgirl.Below here is the  torrent link.Copy the url and paste into browser panel.

REMOVE THE SPACE IN THE URL and copy /far-cry-5/

And here is the RAR part file link.Download ALL parts and put them to a single folder and extract the first part i.e part1,automatically all other parts will be extracted to a single folder.Comment below if you have any doubts regarding download or install. /far-cry-5-cpy/




Games News

NFS Payback – the latest edition of Need For Speed franchise




With the latest version of NFS payback, we are back to the time where there were no weapons but only good-old-fashioned ramming and nitro-torching.Only leverage you have is to destroy enemy’s cars by hitting them.The variety of cars available under the garage consists of those falling under the genre of Off-road,Track and Super-car exclusives.


  • 2GB Graphics card
  • 4GB RAM
  • Direct x10 and above

The House is unforgiving and the racing maneuvers require ample load of skill, amplified by the realistic touch.The cops are unforgiving in the terminal heat levels.

The matches have become wider with the broadened map in the NFS World.Drag Racing, Speedway, Time Trail and much more awaits you.Need for Speed ​​Payback.Running in a region called Fortune Valley,the trailer proves the high populace of gamers in the valley.

Urban and highway environs each require specific cars and hours of gameplay. Another feature of the installment are the hiding outspot cars that are on the corner of the map. Those who are old-fashioned and have a good relationship with classical cars, you guys probably will not miss any of these abandoned widely distributed chassis on the map of the NFS world. Transfer these cars to the garage,rebuild,tune them and turn it into a refreshing and tricky car. Another realistic perk is that, as in the previous version, we will never see a rainy weather at midnight.Events of the game will take place at different hours of the day.


Download by parts – /need-for-speed-%E2%80%8B%E2%80%8Bpayback-cpy/

Download Torrent – /need-for-speed-payback-deluxe-edition/




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NFS Payback – the latest edition of Need For Speed franchise

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Far Cry 5 – RPG evolved to meet country feel

Welcome to the realtime edition of PC and other platform games.Dust off your CPUs and RAM grains.Electrify the SMPS because...

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