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Heartbreaking Story Of A 16-Year-Old Indian Boy Who Suffers From Tumors On His Face And Body

Mithun, 16 from Nawada district in Bihar suffers from a rare genetic disorder due to which he is unable to lead a normal life. Instead of spending time with friends in school, Mithun is forced to live his life in solitude. The 16-year-old Indian boy suffers from tumors all over his face and body. He has been tagged as ‘Ghost Boy’ by locals in the district.

Read on to know if Mithun would ever be recovered from severe illness and lead a normal life again.

Source: Daily Mail

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Mithun suffers from a rare genetic disorder called as Neurofibromatosis.

Locals have branded Mithun as ‘Ghost Boy.’

The 16-year-old Indian boy stated, “Why have the Gods condemned me to a life like this? It is because of my looks that my childhood friends have abandoned me. Now nobody wants to play with me. It is because of my looks that I cannot go to school or simply take a stroll in the neighborhood.”

Mithun is unable to attend school because other children run on seeing him

His swollen skin has obstructed his mouth, nose and eyes due to which he is unable to speak, breathe and see properly. Mithun was admitted to a local primary school at the age of 8, but children ran away on seeing him.

16-year-old Indian boy said, “They called me a ghost and started running for their life as if they had seen a real one. I am really scared of the image that I see in them. I usually stay at home during the day to avoid people. If women and children see my face, they freak out and run away saying, ‘Ghost! Ghost!’ My parents have forbidden me to go out at night as people tend to get more scared of seeing my face at night.”

The teenage boy suffered from neurofibroma after a medically unqualified doctor in Bihar gave him a wrong prescription.

Mithun’s family claimed that the tumors spread on his body after he popped the wrong pills for curing his painful mole at the age of 5.

His father, Ramji Chauhan is a labourer and earns around Rs. 250 in a day. 

Ramji sadly stated, “After taking medicine, my child’s face started swelling. His entire body turned red like copper.”

Mithun’s neighbors believe that he has been cursed by the God.

His family and neighbors are praying and performing rituals to get the teenage boy rid of his painful condition.

Mithun’s family took him to medical expert Dr Ashwini Dash who diagnosed him with Neurofibromatosis.

Dr Dash stated, “It only warrants surgery if obstruction of eye, mouth nose or natural orifices is there.”

Neurofibromatosis is a very rare genetic disorder that causes tumors along the nerves.

It is an incurable disorder and affects around one in 33,000 people.

According to a medical expert, Mithun’s condition is curable.

He said: “The operation, which would be done in phases, would cost at least Rs 3,00,000 (£3,500).” Unfortunately, Ramji is unable to afford the costly treatment offered at advanced medical facilities in Mumbai and Delhi. He said, “The condition has robbed him of his childhood already. It is very painful to see and hear people hating your child for his physical appearance and calling him a ‘ghost’.”

Share this heartbreaking story as much as you can to help Mithun raise funds for overcoming his disease.

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