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Ohh, I have never stepped into a school ever!

“I got married when I was 6 years old. My husband was 18 at that time. I had 7 children with him before he passed away in an unfortunate event. I started selling homemade papads to feed my children’s belly and I used to dye clothes for people in the night.
I am 73 now, all my children are well settled and I still sell papad and dye clothes, but now I donate what I earn to a shelter home which provides orphans with mid-day meals. This shelter home is right across the corner of the street and I visit it every other day.

I gave education to all my children and it is my dream to see the shelter home children educated too so that they can have a better life”

“How much have you studied yourself?”

“Ohh, I have never stepped into a school ever!”

Credits :Humans Of India

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