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Identical twins who shared their husband now want to get pregnant at the same time

These identical twins want to get pregnant at the same time because they’re desperate to look alike

Anna and Lucy DeCinque share the same bed and boyfriend and have spent nearly $250,000 on cosmetic enhancements to look more alike


The twins look like mirror images of each other
The twins look like mirror images of each other

This pair of twins have taken being identical to the next level – vowing they will get pregnant at the same time in order to maintain their similar appearance.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque appeared on an Australian TV show to talk about their obsession with being the same.

The 30-year-olds from Perth have both been dating electrical mechanic Ben Byrne, 32, for four years and have claimed they must have children together as their “bodies need to be the same”.

“We would have to be exactly the same — even if we went through IVF at the same time,” they said of their pregnancy plans.

Although the twins are not ready to fall pregnant yet, they said they “love children and kids love them.”

The two appeared on Australian TV channel SBS, on a show about identical twins, to talk about how twins develop as they get older.

The two share a bed as well as a boyfriend and also have identical sets of clothes.

According to the program, identical twins share 99.9 per cent of the same DNA and their intellect, sexuality and health can show genetic versus environmental factors.

They feel 'invisible' when they aren't together
They feel ‘invisible’ when they aren’t together

Lucy DeCinque told the program, Insight: “If she walks a few metres, I need to walk a few metres because we have to burn the same calories.

“Our diet is identical. Our food has to be identical. The same glass of water we measure. The same size of chip packets we have to measure.”

The pair said they feel as if they ‘don’t exist’ if their sibling is not with them.

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