Hot Indian Girl Plays The ‘Kissing Prank’ On Strangers, Don’t Miss The Hilarious Reactions.!!

With the wild little invention of YouTube in 2006, a lot of people are coming up with new sketches, video series, pranks, short films and much more. There are many YouTube channels which produce great pranks. Pranks are amazing  when they are played on strangers. Some pranks may be funny, weird and ugly but at the end, they provide some quality entertainment. Funk You is one of the popular prank channels of YouTube. It has published a new prank video on their channel and it is quite hilarious.

Playing pranks and funny tricks on people has become one of the most common yet entertaining activities among the youth. It is interesting to see those weird faces and funny reactions on their faces, don’t you agree? What will be your reaction when a beautiful girl will come and suddenly kiss you on your lips or chick? You must loss your sense on the spot. Never think it will happen to you. You are not so lucky person.

The video starts with a beautiful and hot lady who ‘almost’ kisses strangers on the street. What happened next is left for you to watch.

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