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My Size is 36C – A good video every girl who work in MNC must watch.

Size is 36C is 3rd viral film in PDT GyANDUu series.
It is about an intern having lunch at a corporate cafe teria and suddenly a senior see her and starts giving her indecent looks.

Nijo Jonson,Shemona Gautam
1st Assistant Director

[irp posts=”6862″ name=”My First Sex : Memories of a Machine” – Shailaja Padindala.”]
Vipinn Peter
Assistant Directors
Pavan Rawat,Harish Sharma
Casting Director
Ruchika Sharma
Executive Producer
Dev Saikia
Siddharth Parashar (SM STUDIOS)
Ekta Vision
Director of Photography (D.O.P)
Kartik Thapliyal
2nd Camera
Shiva Sharma,Monty Bisht
Make-up & Stylist
Guneet Raikhy
Nijo Jonson
Production Head
Santosh Rawat
Nijo Jonson/ Yashpal Saini
Rohit R Gaba,Nijo Jonson

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