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10 Mysterious Photos That Cannot Be Explained

These are the top 10 mysterious photos that shouldn’t exist and cannot be explained – ghosts, half-woman half-snake, strange creatures ,creepy children and more! Watch the whole video!

10) Strange ”something” in an abandoned house in Berlin, Germany. Perhaps this is a ghost …maybe it’s a demon or another strange creature … I don’t know this photo really should not exist!

9) This is the ”time traveler” . This photo is old but you can see a man with modern clothes there. This is really weird. I don’t know how but this man was there and maybe he is still alive …And actually why not?!… I mean he has a time machine and this makes him a real modern time traveler and i think that’s a little bit creepy.

8) Scary children photo from California. The photo was taken in 1930 in a farm in California. These children are called ”satan children” or ”demon children” too because …you can see why …

7) A ghost caught on camera in an old house in Texas. This photo is just terrifying ! This ghost is really scary… I wouldn’t live in this haunted house for sure! The photo is genuine and this is real ghost! Some specialists say that this is one of the best ghost evidence/sightings ever…i don’t know for that but i’m sure for one thing – i’m scared!

6) This photo is known as ” the demon horse” and you can see why …This photo was taken in France where this ghost horse (demon horse) appeared from the castle’s wall! I’m absolutely sure that this photo shouldn’t exist and can’t be explained! A demon horse…It sounds so strange …

5) Half – woman half -snake – This snake woman was found in Australia and it’s weird …this woman could be in another list too – people you won’t believe really exist! Some of you maybe with say ”it’s just photoshop…” but you know what – it’s 100% real!

4) Terrifying photo of an unknown being – This photo was taken in a building in Malaysia and… all i can say about this creature is that it’s mysterious and bizarre!

3) …This is just HORRIFYING! I don’t know what’s going on this haunted scary photo but it’s quite scary!

2) What is this..?! … Some people think that this is chupacabra other say it’s a demon…But nobody knows for sure what is this being actually!

1) This mysterious photo of a ghost face ……This scary ghost photo was taken in Mexico. It’s more that strange… This ghost (or maybe demon who knows) face is just there ….But it looks angry …I don’t know …Horrifying!

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