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Powerful Video Released By NSW Police To Raise Awareness For Domestic Violence

There’s no denying the fact that Australia is in the middle of a domestic violence crunch and survey revealed that it has been the leading contributor to death, incapacity, and ill-health of Australian women aged between 15 to 44 years.

In NSW only, police answer back to more than 140,000 ill-fated episodes of domestic and family violence per year. If we try to break it down to more precisely then we would say around 380 cases in a day and almost 16 cases an hour have been recorded. In an attempt to spread public awareness about domestic and family violence, the NSW Police force came up with a powerful new video campaign mainly centered on the subject “it’s not your fault”.

Scroll down to know more about this video campaign:

Members of NSW Police’s Domestic Violence Team used their own ground zero experience probing and taking legal action in domestic-violence cases to put pen to paper, direct and finally create the video

Assistant Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said that it was only appropriate that the videos were encouraged and created by police. “Police officers personally have attended hundreds of domestic violence reports every day and witness immediate the influence and harm it has on families,” he said.

Children are the unknown victims of domestic violence

“Children are the unknown victims of domestic violence, which is why children feature so importantly in the campaign. “There are no blameless eyewitnesses in this space. By reporting domestic violence, you could stop the next homicide.”

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione emphasised the combat that police face in perplexing community awareness of domestic violence.

“Domestic violence is a serious offence and police are dedicated to bringing lawbreakers to justice,” he said.

“Every day police fight the community opinion that domestic violence is a ‘family matter’ or ‘private businesses.

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