The Limits of Freedom. Psychological Dependence on the Opinions of People

Daria Zaitseva

All the people are part of society. Therefore, choosing one or another way of behavior, one should be prepared to the fact that society can praise his actions or, on the contrary, to express their disapproval. Different degrees of psychological dependence on the opinions of others open to everyone the limits of freedom. How far should you listen to other people’s judgment wanting to succeed in life?

“Child” Type of Behavior

There are people, for whom the approval or disapproval expressed by the outside observers, is a litmus test that determines the correctness or fallacy of their actions. Focusing solely on the opinions of others, they build their strategy. For the sake of illusory love and mythical respect, they are willing to compromise even the best interests and needs. These “children” are very easy to manipulate. They are willing to fulfill any requirement if you notice that a refusal would cause general discontent. The chance to stay “without candy” gives them a greater fear than the betrayal of own principles.

The main problem of people with a similar warehouse person – the large number of those who “puts the assessment.” Pleasing everyone is impossible. In any case, someone will be unhappy. This fact causes the “child” to panic often and creates considerable difficulty in making any important decisions. Formation of values based on signals received from the outside world leads to personal instability. Accordingly, people attached to the opinions of others are difficult to rely on, but it does not fit the image of a strong personality. Therefore, among those who have achieved in this life at least some height, this type of behavior does not meet virtually.

Internal measurements

A successful person comes only as he considers it necessary. Only the own mind is important for him. He achieves it that is at odds with his conscience. The main rule which such a person is guided going to do something is an inner sense of the right action. It helps him to avoid the feeling of shame for actions and thus maintain the indoor comfort. Others approval is perceived by that who has achieved success, only as a pleasant, but an optional bonus. A censure expressed by one of the observers does not play any role for him. After all, people do not know the motives of his actions, and therefore, they have no right to evaluate them. The person having in consciousness a resistant image of that ideal which he shall be during the life will never arrive poorly only to please somebody. Internal barriers reliably protect him from stains on the conscience, and at the same time on the reputation. They work for him as the key to preserving respect for himself, plays a much more important role than the praise of others.

Lack of psychological dependence on external evaluations can be considered as a guarantee that the person has a strong character. Such people tend to be reliable. Any relationship with them, personal or professional, you can build not being afraid of a dirty trick. Successful people will not stoop to meanness and treachery because such behavior is just unacceptable at the inner level. The primary and the only measure of correct behavior for a successful person is the internal approval of own conduct. Fear of losing respect for own personality and the potential of remorse can keep a human from certain actions. But the fear of being mocked, condemned, misunderstood by others are completely insignificant for him. All these options indicate the presence of strong convictions and strength of character.
I wish all the people to be wise and feel the confidence in own decisions.

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