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Top 10 Best Gaming Desktop Computer



The following video features the 2018 peak future-proof rigs for gaming.

■ Corsair One (0:16) ▹

■ MSI Aegis 3 (01:04) ▹

■ Alienware Area 51 Threadripper Edition (01:56) ▹

■ Origin Millennium (03:13) ▹

■ Dell XPS Tower Special Edition (03:43) ▹

■ Lenovo Ideacentre Y900 (04:43) ▹

■ MSI Trident 3 (06:08) ▹

■ MSI Infinite A (06:39) ▹

■ Asus GR8 II Mini PC (07:53) ▹

■ Alienware Aurora R6 (09:10) ▹

Thanks to BSM Tech Tricks

PC news

9 Most Awaited Gadgets To Be Launched In 2017



In This year everyone is expecting a pool of cool new gadgets. We have mentioned below the most important gadgets likely to launch in this year. So get ready to see how technology is ready to make your life easier in 2017. Scroll down!

Samsung’s Foldable smartphones

Recently South Korean mobile giant has filed a patent for the foldable device. Imagine how comfortable it would be! Forget all that hassle you used to feel while keeping a long phone in your pocket.

Xbox Project Scorpio

The most dynamic version is coming up in 2017.

Google Smartwatch

The new version of Google smartwatch is about to come in 2017 and the company gave the hint that it will be a pixel smartphone.

Virtual reality headset for windows 10

It will be a software update which will let you use VR headset with PC. It will be laughed by many companies like Dell, Asus, and Lenovo for a price of about $299.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Fitbit launches new update and device every year but this year Fitbit will give features you can’t imagine also.

New form factors from Fitbit

Fitbit launches new update and device every year but this year Fitbit will give features you can’t imagine also.

 Newer version of Microsoft’s Surface pro

The update was expected to launch in 2016 but now in 2017 we can expect this update.

Nintendo Switch

Do you love to play games on a gadget? So get ready to play on it as it will be launch in March 2017 by the iconic video game maker, Nintendo.

The iPhone 8

As per the report by the sources and rumors might be iPhone 8 will have a glass design. It will have an organic LED display for HDimages, and would not have home button.

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PC news

Xiaomi official notebook? It looks like the MacBook



Xiaomi produces notebook rumor has been two years, but until now, Xiaomi official has not confirmed the existence of the notebook. Lei Jun response to this is “yet can not speak,” be certain extent, it confirmed the presence of Xiaomi notebook.

About Xiaomi notebook, insiders had previously claimed, it will be officially released in the summer, main school season, but the specification is still not clear. It is said that there are two dimensions, the first version is 12.5 inches, it is obvious equipped with Windows 10 system.

From the current situation, the possibility of Xiaomi notebook more likely released in July , after climbing capacity just to keep up with the school season in August/September, a “young first laptop.”

Today, there are users on the Weibo exposed a photo about Xiaomi notebook, from the view of photo, Xiaomi notebook looks like very similar to Apple’s MacBook, complained by a lot of users.

However, since the image resolution is too low, and it looks more like renderings, so authenticity should not be high.

But anyway, Xiaomi notebook is going to meet with us, just waiting for official news.

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Origin PC Unboxing & Review – Fastest Gaming PC Ever?! | SLI EVGA GTX 980, Intel i7 5960X





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Top 10 Best Gaming Desktop Computer

The following video features the 2018 peak future-proof rigs for gaming.   ■ Corsair One (0:16) ▹ ■ MSI...

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