Top 10 Most Popular Indian on Facebook

Everyone know that World of Facebook is getting bigger day by day each day thousand of People join Facebook and countries which have high population are using fb on heavy scale, Million of people in india use Facebook every day and today we are here to show you top Indian celebrities which have highest number of fan on Facebook 2017. There are many people around Indian who are getting popular day by day among the list there are many actress, actor and some politician.

I hope you also use Facebook every day but may be you might don’t know which Indian has highest Number of Facebook likes in 2017. Data has been changed So Many a lot. Now take a look at the full report which you may waiting for.

 10. Kapil Sharma 
  • Profession :- Comedian, Bollywood actor
  • Fb page likes :- 2,57,18,000 (Till January 2017)

Indian comedian Kapil Sharma also on the 10th number with a large number of fans like, His is currently on the top of the list of Highest Facebook fan of Indian celebrities 2017. There are many other Actor who lead him in the past but due to great comedy he currently run on the top. For those who don’t know He running a reality show On Sony Name The Kapil Sharma show.

9 Amitabh Bachchan 

  • Profession :- Bollywood Actor, Tv Host, Singer
  • Fb page Likes :- 2,57,69,000 (Till January 2017)

Legend of Bollywood also come on the list of Top 10 Indian with highest Facebook fan in india, His fan are also increasing day by day, for those who don’t know Till now he has work in more than 150 + films and also host many time of big tv shows,

8. Priyanka Chopra

  • Profession :- Actress
  • FB Page Likes :- 2,26,14,000 (Till January 2017)

Leading Bollywood actress come on the 8th position with a heavy fan on Facebook. She Not only have a high number of fan in Indian but people outside India also like Her.

7. Sachin Tendulkar 

  • Profession :- Former Cricketer
  • Fb page likes :- 278,36,000 (January 2017)

Former Indian cricketer Sachin come in the 7th position with a fan of 27 million of Facebook. He had left cricket so far but still his fan are much higher in Indian, For those who don’t know Sachin retire  from cricket after winning world cup 2011

6. Shreya Ghoshal

  • Profession :- Singer
  • Facebook Fan page :- 2, 78,91,000 ( Till January 2017)

Sweetest Voice of India Shreya also come on the 6th place when it come to the higher number of f.b fans, Till Now has sung many romantic songs in Bollywood movies, Fans are also increasing day by day and we have above show you the report how many Facebook fan does she have.

5. yo yo Honey Singh (Singer)

  • Profession :- Raper, Singer,
  • Facebook page likes :- 3,05,35000 (Till January 2017)

Only Indian singer which has highest fan on Facebook page in 2017 is honey sing. Starting his journey with Punjabi songs Honey Singh enter in Bollywood due to his amazing raps, He had sung many amazing song till now which have a amazing response on Indian cinema, Views on his video are far far higher than any other leading actor.

4. Deepika Padukone :- (Actress)

  • Profession :- Bollywood Actress
  • Facebook fan page likes :- 3,30,71,000 (Till January 2017)

Talk about Bollywood actress then name of Deepika is coming on the second place, After entering in Hollywood Fans of Deepika Padukone increased up to a high level, Till Now She has 33 Million fans which is highest in Bollywood till date. There are many other actress in Bollywood but her fans are currently on the top of the list. She also come in the Highest Number of Facebook fan page 2017 list.

3  Virat Kholi  (Cricketer ) 

  • Profession :- BatsMan
  • Facebook Page Like :- 3,34,71,000 (Till 14 January 2017)

Indian Running Machine Virat come on the third place when it come to the Facebook fan in 2017. Currently in the beginning of 2017 Virat Fan page gain more than 3,34,71,000 fan. The reason why he has fans in heavy amount is due to it’s batting performance, Million of people all across the world like Kholi only due to his batting. Being and cricket fan i love to see Virat

2. Salman Khan (Actor)

  • Profession :- Bollywood actor, Big Boss Host, Singer
  • Facebook page like :- 3,36,86,000

Bollywood actor Salman khan also come in the list of Indian celebrity with highest number of Facebook fan page. Most of the Indian who come in this list have 36 million plus fan on Facebook, However Number of fan is little lower as compared to Prime minster modi but still he come among the top Indian celebrities. For those who don’t know Salman gave many hit films to Bollywood.

1 Narendra Modi (PMO India) 

  • Profession :- Politician, Prime Minster of India
  • Facebook Page likes :- 3,92,25,000 (14 January 2017)

On the Top of the list of highest number of Facebook fan in 2017 name of modi always come on 1st place, For those who don’t know Modi fans is increasing day by day and till now Modi Facebook fan page cross 3,92,25,000 Like. As Fans are increasing day by day so soon It will be around 4 crore. Till Now it is highest number of fan of any Indian, No other person i.e Bollywood celebrities, or support person come in front of Modi when it come to Facebook fan.


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