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Boy gets a shock when he finds a rattlesnake in the TOILET !!!


  • A family in Texas found a rattlesnake swimming in their toilet on Tuesday
  • Mom Cassie Mcfadden killed the snake with a shovel 
  • The family then called a pest control company for help, which found 24 snakes living in their cellar

A Texas family got the fright of a lifetime this week when they found two dozen snakes living in their house.

The Mcfadden family realized they had a problem Tuesday morning, when son Isac went to the bathroom and found a rattlesnake swimming in the toilet bowl.

‘I found this big clump and I knew it was (a) snake’ he told.

The Mcfadden family in Abilene, Texas found this rattlesnake swimming in their toilet on Tuesday

His mother Cassie had another son go get a shovel and then she killed the snake.

‘As soon as he came back the snake came out and it is a rattle snake,’ she said.

After killing the snake, Cassie’s husband called Big Country Snake Removal for help and they found two dozen snakes living in or under the building.

‘A total he found 24, 13 in the cellar, 10 underneath the house, 5 babies and the one in the toilet. They were all the same, Western Diamond Back Rattle Snakes,’ Jason Mcfadden said.

After calling pest control, workers found 24 adult and baby snakes living in their storm cellar and under the house

The family said they had no idea that snakes were living under the house – and hadn’t seen any on the property in years

The pest removal company wasn’t surprised because snakes are very good at hiding

Rattlesnakes are one of four poisonous snakes found in North Texas

The workers believe that the rattlesnake that got into the toilet entered the house through an open relief pipe.

The family said they hadn’t seen snakes on the property in years and had no idea that so many snakes were living under the house.

The snake removers said that they weren’t surprised that the family didn’t know they had a problem because ‘rattlesnakes are secretive and can be very cryptic’.

‘They rely heavily on their camouflage. This is simply how they survive. Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there,’ the company said, according to

Rattlesnakes are among four types of poisonous snakes found in North Texas, in addition to copperheads, cottonmouths and corals.

Public records show that the family has been living at this home


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