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Wife Told Husband She Got Pregnant By Another Man, But She Never Expected To Do This

How could you feel exactly  if your partner comes up and discloses that he or she had not been loyal to them? Definitely, it would be a shattering moment for anyone. But, how would someone react that time? Irrespective of the fact, whether the same thing happened in past or present, it simply hurts. For those out there who had experienced such kind of thing, it is quite palpable how hard it is to forgive and accept your partner with open arms.

Here we bring for you the story of a husband whose wife got pregnant because of one blunder (one-night stand) of her life:

Husband’s part of story:

My wife and I had known to each for almost 5 years. We had been together for near about 3 or 4 years. She is basically from Eastern Europe and came here to pursue her studies as a student. Unfortunately, she could not complete her course and ended up dropping out. We both were in a live-in relationship while we were dating. As we were in love with each other deeply, so we made plans for getting married after a while ago. With the grace of God, everything had fallen in place as per the plan. Things were going on super smooth and perfect between us. She met my family and they liked her. Moreover, they all mixed up with her so nicely.

It was less than even a month before we got married we discovered that she was pregnant. It wasn’t a big deal for me as it does happen with every couple. I was making use of precautionary measures, but whatever, it sometimes happens, there could have been sometimes we just went with the flow and did the pull-out method as well.

We went ahead with the tying the nuptial knot and I was pretty sure that I am completely in love with this woman.

What happened next?

As usual, after some time of the wedding, things doesn’t remain the same (true fact of the married life). I always felt from the bottom of my heart that there was a widening gap between us as I could feel something strange in her behavior. Well, lately she opened up to me and admitted me the truth- there was the possibility that the baby she was carrying wasn’t mine. She was crying and immensely remorseful while telling me she loves me from the bottom of her heart, which no doubt I believe as well.

Apparently around the time she got pregnant, she had gone out for a party with some of her friends and got badly sloshed. That day she did a mistake under the influence of alcohol ( slept with a stranger). She didn’t even know who he was and could barely remember how he used to look like. She confessed that she bemoaned it ever since.

Her husband’s reaction:

I was completely stunned and felt literally emotionless. Honestly, I had no idea how to react. But, after a while I requested her to get the paternity test done for which she agreed. She made me a promise that I would stay with her if the baby was mine and I gave in.

She also said it was the worst decision of her life and she felt so guilty every day since that day, and she had only trusted me to disclose because she truly loves me, and I definitely knew that fact was very much true and would forgive her.

Her husband couldn’t make up his mind:

There was a moment when I clearly didn’t know what or how I would be reacting if the fact the baby wasn’t mine came true. Well, we did the procedure and we were supposed to visit the geneticist to explain our reasons. The whole process wasn’t at all cheap but I wanted to know for our peace of mind. It encompassed taking a sample of cells from the placenta of the child.

The result came out after few days and it was something which I was too afraid about- I wasn’t the father of the baby. I was shocked and couldn’t believe at all. My wife whom I loved from core of my heart cheated on me and was pregnant with some other man’s child.

Her husband was shocked and unable to decide:

Businessman wiping his brow

I didn’t know what I have to do next. There was a part of me that loved her madly and knew she loved me truly in return, but other part of me couldn’t accept the fact that she was pregnant with other man’s child. I am also human and run through different sorts of emotions which aren’t under my control as well. I even had no idea what would happen to her if I decide to leave her. She had no source of income, as well as has no family here to take care of her, only a few friends she knew. She has to support herself as well as the child growing inside her. I couldn’t imagine myself to be supporting them.

However, a part of me strongly thought of ending up the marriage. But, I wasn’t pretty sure whether it was the right step to take or not. The fact I knew was she would undergo hell lot troubles and stress if I felt her. I also knew I don’t really have to be responsible for bringing up the child that wasn’t mine.

Finally what he decided:

Finally what hFor days, I kept on thinking again and again. Then I realized that I knew she committed a mistake and I still love her madly. Such kind of thing could happen to anybody, especially when you are surrounded by stupid and useless friends. For peace of my mind, I went to church and cried. One fine day an old couple notice me and thought of approaching to ask what’s wrong with me. I disclosed them everything and they made me realize that if I truly love her then I should forgive her and accept the child. If she is truly sorry about what happened then she does deserve another chance. Moreover, bring up a child that one conceived due to mistake is definitely not that easy and I need to support her in her hard times.e decided:

Old couple made me understand what true love is all about:

Love is definitely all about being with your partner whatever may come. They said it would be way difficult for me, but they seemed that we both loved each other truly. Somewhere in my heart, I started to feel that might be they are saying the right thing.

At last, he forgiven his wife and they are married happily:

It’s been a few years after that and let me tell you I didn’t leave her and decided to stand by her. She gave birth to a beautiful angel who is about to attend her very first day in the kindergarten.



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