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World’s Most Dangerous Tourist Attraction..!

It has been in the news lately that world’s most petrifying tourist spot has gone out of business after fear-provoking photos appeared of vacationers balanced on a raft feeding pieces of meat to the aquatic reptiles- the crocodiles.

Scroll down to know more about the scary incident:

Dangerous tourist spot

The fledgling vacationers mounted aboard a make-shift cage kept buoyant with plastic barrels merely inches from the 10ft long slayer monster reptiles.

They used insubstantial bamboos to hang down pieces of beef over the jaws of the aquatic reptiles – which then dived from the water to seize their lunch.

Some photographs were clicked by traumatized motorbike-taxi rider Jon Nok display hundreds of crocs encircling the raft in a pond used for crocodile farming at the Elephant Kingdom in Chonburi, Thailand.

These images spread like wildfire after he posted them on Twitter – igniting police and government bureaucrats to rush to the tourist spot.

Owner of the tourist spot says

Jon, 40, said: ‘I have been driving the taxi for more than 20 years and never noticed anything like this beforehand.

‘It seemed to me quite precarious and I felt impelled to take the pictures. The vacationers were all Chinese and some of them were frightened, while others liked it.

‘People have been shaken to see that such things even happen.’

Reaction of social media users

Millions of people who use social media platforms were literally dumbfounded by the activity – with some citing it to be a forbidding act to tease the crocodiles by hanging food then drawing it back.

One said: ‘I am feeling loathing thinking what happens if the raft breaks suddenly. This is the perilous day tripper activity I’ve come across.’

Another added: ‘The poor crocodiles. Folks are chuckling at them when they draw the food away. It’s so unkind.’

Immediate action was taken by police and government bureaucrats

Police, soldiers, and government bureaucrats immediately went to the crocodile farmhouse last on Friday hours after photographs went viral online.

It has since been shut down for 90 days while stringent security checks are executed.

It is alleged that the activity has been widely known among the Chinese holidaymakers for number of years, nevertheless few native Thai residents – or the authorities – were already aware of the fact.

Uthen Youngprapakorn, proprietor of the tourist spot which is division of a crocodile farmstead, said that he had offered the trips on the cage after rising demand from Chinese sightseers.

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